Journal of Autonomous Intelligence is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal that publishes especially original research and review articles covering all aspects of autonomous intelligence with emphasis on artificial intelligence and robotic self-learning. The journal seeks to disseminate findings in the domain of autonomous intelligence by featuring the latest advancements in the field and state-of-the-art theories, techniques and implementations. It aimes at bringing the scientific discourse and discoveries to a wide international audience by being a platform for scientists, engineers, researchers and academicians to share, discuss and advocate new issues and developments in the diverse spheres of Autonomous Intelligence. More details, lease click Focus and Scope.


Prof. Michel Cotsaftis

Prof. Michel Cotsaftis currently works at the Faculty of Engineering, ECE Paris Graduate School of Engineering. Michel does research in analysis, applied mathematics and condensed matter physics.

There were 247 articles published or co-authored in international peer-reviewed journals. Most recent publication is "Elements of decisional dynamics: An agent-based approach applied to artificial financial market" (March 2018). This is part of a new research chapter concerning system autonomy based on the understanding of the level of freedom (measured by the "size" of the function manifold it covers with its workspace) a system can reach with its own resources (very limited for mechanical system, much better for physico-chemical one, and definitely larger for systems with inner ability to "decide").

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