Calculated Torque Control of a Planar Parallel Robot 2-RR

Eugenio Yime Rodríguez, Javier Roldán Mckinley, José Villa Ramírez


This paper introduces the design, structure and control method of a five-bar planar mechanism with five revolute joints and two degrees of freedom. The control is realized by calculating the torque in the joint space to obtain the required trajectory. The direct and inverse kinematics of position and velocity are proposed, and the inverse kinematics of acceleration is taken as the parameter required by the control law. The method selected for this parallel robot is advantageous because it allows to obtain the dynamic equations similar to the traditional series robot modeling, which is helpful to the realization of nonlinear control technology. The effectiveness of the method and the functionality of the controller are verified by experiments, and a circular trajectory is generated by the actuator. Although the simulation results are consistent with the experimental results, it is suggested that the future work is to change the control strategy to compensate for the influence of the unmodeled system.


CTC; Parallel Dynamics; Robot Control; 5-Bar Mechanism; Planar Robot 2-RR

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