Special Issues
Dr. Amrit Mukherjee,Dr. Pratik Goswami,
Intelligent Services; Mobile Edge Computing; Network Security; Novel Computing; Perception and Cognition; Optimization
Submission deadline: 2023-12-30
Prof. Zhenxing Wang,Prof. Lei Huang,Dr. Kallol Roy,Prof. Cheng Gao,
Artificial Intelligence; Environmental Science and Engineering; Prediction; Optimization; Quality Monitoring; Risk Warning; Environmental Systems Modelling
Submission deadline: 2023-09-30
Dr. Jiayao Chen,Prof. Dr. Qian Fang,Dr. Xiaolei Peng,Dr. Zhongkai Huang,Dr. Hyungjoon Seo ,
Data Optimization; Data Fusion; Artificial Intelligence; Deep Learning; Machine Learning; Infrastructure Engineering; Probabilistic Risk
Submission deadline: 2023-09-30
Dr. Giacomo Colombatti ,Dr. Carlo Bettanini,
Intelligent Systems; Autonomous Unmanned Systems; Task Planning; Motion Planning and Control; Intelligent Control; Optimization; Cooperative Systems; Dynamic Simulations; Atmospheric Autonomous Systems
Submission deadline: 2023-08-31
Dr. Sathishkumar V E.,Dr. K Venkatachalam,
Data Mining; Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence; Deep Learning; Predictive Modeling; Pattern Recognition; Natural Language Processing; Neural Networks; Big Data; Predictive Analytics
Submission deadline: 2023-12-30
Dr. Alexander S. Novikov,
Quantum Chemistry; Computational Chemistry; Computer Modeling; DFT; Noncovalent Interactions; Reaction Mechanisms; Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence; Mobile Robotic Systems; Intelligent Systems; Autonomous Systems; Task Planning; Motion Planning and Control; Intelligent Control
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
Prof. Verena Kantere,
Edge-Cloud Continuum; IoT Systems; IoT Applications; Serverless Computing; Timeseries Data Management; Applications of Sensor Networks
Submission deadline: 2023-07-31
Dr. Jining Yan,Dr. Haixu He,
Remote Sensing; Time Series; Large-scale; Deep Learning; Transfer Learning; Data Fusion; Data Mining
Submission deadline: 2023-07-31
Dr. M.A. Jabbar,Dr. Chitra Dhawale,
IoMT; Modern Healthcare; Cognitive Internet of Medical things; Cloud Internet of Medical Things
Submission deadline: 2023-06-30
Dr. Nitin Goyal,Dr. Arun Kumar Rana,Dr. Ravinder Kumar,
Blockchain; Security; Machine learning; Internet of Things; Decentralization
Submission deadline: 2023-07-31
Prof. Baseem Khan,Dr. Ahmed Ali,Dr. Om Prakash Mahela,
Smart Grid; Microgrid; Distributed Energy System; Communication System; Renewable Energy System
Submission deadline: 2023-09-10
Dr. Qiaokang Liang,Dr. Songyun Deng,Dr. Hai Qin,
Robot Perception; Artificial Intelligence; Force Sensor; Machine Vision; Force and Tactile Information Processing; Tactile-visual Information Fusion
Submission deadline: 2023-08-30
Dr. Ketan Kotecha,Dr. Rahee Walambe,Prof. Gargi Joshi,
Explainable AI (XAI); Interpretable AI; Transparent AI; Responsible AI; Bias and Fairness; Human Centered Explainable AI; Quantification and Evaluation
Submission deadline: 2023-08-30
Dr. Anna Visvizi,
Artificial Intelligence (AI);Machine Learning (ML); Smart Cities; Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); Human-centric Policymaking; Blockchain; Business; E-government; Inclusion; Ethics in AI
Submission deadline: 2023-06-30
Dr. Laith Abualigah,
Arithmetic Optimization Algorithm (AOA); Bio-inspired Computing; Nature-inspired Computing; Swarm Intelligence; Artificial Intelligence; Meta-heuristic Modeling and Optimization Algorithms; Evolutionary Computations; Information Retrieval; Text Clustering; Feature Selection; Combinatorial Problems; Optimization; Advanced Machine Learning; Big Data and Natural Language Processing
Submission deadline: 2023-12-30
Dr. Nishant Vishwamitra,Dr. Mitra Bokaei Hosseini,
Social Networking; Security and Privacy Risks; Privacy Concerns; Security and Privacy Engineering Methods and Tools; Social Network Protection; Social Informatics; AI/ML Security and Privacy in Social Networks
Submission deadline: 2023-06-20
Dr. Mohammad Shabaz,Dr. Azeem Irshad,Dr. Abolfazl Mehbodniya,
Machine Learning; Heterogeneous UAV; Multi-agents; Communication; Optimization; Drones; Intelligent Control
Submission deadline: 2023-06-30
Prof. Pinki Prakash Vishwakarma,Dr. Amiya Kumar Tripathy,Dr. Leisa Armstrong,
Intelligent Systems; Artificial Intelligence; Cyber Security; Automated Systems; Blockchain Technolopgy; Machine Learning; Natural Language Processing; Data Privacy; Information Security; Real-time Performance
Submission deadline: 2023-05-20
Dr. Samuel Morillas,
Health-related Applications; Image Processing; Biomedical Image Processing; Machine Learning based Methods for Signals and Images; Perceptual Imaging; Vision Science; Computer Vision; New Applications of Color Imaging; Image Quality Measures; Imaging Psychophysics;Image Compression and Transmission Methods; New Image Synthesis Methods; Artificial Intelligence Applications on Images; Image Retrieval; Video Surveillance; Other New Signal and Image Processing Methods and Applications
Submission deadline: 2023-05-20
Dr. Safwan Wshah,
Transportation Systems; Machine learning; Deep learning; Reinforcement Learning; Situational Awareness; Situational Safety; Image Quality Improvement; Positioning and Navigation; Traffic Monitoring System; Driving Safety; Image Analytics;
Submission deadline: 2023-06-30



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