Access control and data sharing mechanism in decentralized cloud using blockchain technology

Yogesh Gajmal, Pranav More, Arvind Jagtap, Kiran Kale


Access control is the most vital aspect of cloud data storage security. Traditional techniques for data distribution as well as access control face noteworthy challenges in the arena of research as a result of extensive abuse and privacy data breaches. The blockchain concept provides security by verifying users by multiple encryption technologies. Collaboration in the cloud improves management but compromises privacy. Consequently, we created an efficient access management and data exchange system for a blockchain-based decentralized cloud. On the basis of an ID and password, the data user (DU) submits a registering request to the data owner (DO). The DO data is incorporated into a transactional blockchain by an encoded master key. The data owner (DO) provides data encryption, and encrypted files are still published to the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). The DO generates ciphertext metadata, which is then published to the transactional blockchain utilizing a secure file location and a secure key. The projected access control and data sharing solution performed better in a decentralized blockchain based cloud, as measured by metrics such as a reduced illegitimate user rate of 5%, and a size blockchain of is 100 and 200, respectively.


data sharing; cloud storage system; blockchain; smart agreement; Interplanetary File System (IPFS)

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