Intelligent fish tank based on WiFi module

Feng Yan, Fuyao Wang


In the paper, the intelligent fish tank using STC89C52 as the control core embedded HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance measurement module and DS18B20 temperature sensor is introduced. This system can be used to remotely control and collect the data of the temperature and the level of water in the fish tank through WiFi module (ESP8266-01). When the water level is less than the default value, the system will be adjusted by adding water into the tank. At the same time, people could also get the data and control the tank whenever they want. The micro-controller is connected to the Internet through the WiFi module. With the help of MicroPython firmware, python programs are compiled within this WiFi module in order to connect to the WiFi at home, providing data transfer function. Android smart phones could connect to this system through WiFi and send commands. In this way, the fish tank could be controlled remotely to ensure the stability of the water temperature and level in the tank.


Internet of things; fish tank; WiFi module; Android; MicroPython

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