A coherent salp swarm optimization based deep reinforced neuralnet work algorithm for securing the mobile cloud systems

Osamah Ibrahim Khalaf, D. Anand, Ghaida Muttashar Abdulsahib, G. Rajesh Chandra


Protecting the mobile cloud computing system from the cyber-threats is the most crucial and demanding problems in recent days. Due to the rapid growth of internet technology, it is more essential to ensure secure the mobile cloud systems against the network intrusions. In the existing works, various intrusion detection system (IDS) frameworks have been developed for mobile cloud security, which are mainly focusing on utilizing the optimization and classification algorithms for designing the security frameworks. Still, some of the challenges associated to the existing works are complex to understand the system model, educed convergence rate, inability to handle complex datasets, and high time cost. Therefore, this research work motivates to design and develop a computationally efficient IDS framework for improving the mobile cloud systems security. Here, an intrinsic collateral normalization (InCoN) algorithm is implemented at first for generating the quality improved datasets. Consequently, the coherent salp swarm optimization (CSSO) technique is deployed for selecting the most relevant features used for intrusion prediction and categorization. Finally, the deep reinforced neural network (DRNN) mechanism is implemented for accurately detecting the type of intrusion by properly training and testing the optimal features. During validation, the findings of the CSSO-DRNN technique are assessed and verified by utilizing various QoS parameters.


mobile cloud computing; security; intrusion detection system (IDS); intrinsic collateral normalization (InCoN); coherent salp swarm optimization (CSSO); deep reinforced neural network (DRNN)

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