Journal of Autonomous Intelligence

AI-Driven Personalized Assistants

Submission deadline: 2024-01-15
Special Issue Editors

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Dear Colleagues,

AI-driven personalized assistants are innovative digital companions that leverage artificial intelligence to provide tailored support and enhance the user experience. These assistants are designed to understand and adapt to individual needs, preferences, and behaviors, offering customized assistance across various domains. Using advanced algorithms, machine learning, and natural language processing, personalized assistants analyze vast amounts of data to learn about users' preferences, habits, and goals. They can thenn proactively anticipate user needs and provide relevant, timely information, recommendations, and suggestions. Therefore, in this Special Issue, we aim to collect novel ideas on how AI is explored in supporting several areas, such as healthcare, nutrition, personalized learning, customer service, and support, among others.

Submissions to this Special Issue should contribute to advancing the understanding, development, or application of personalized assistants in various domains. Papers should present novel ideas, methodologies, or findings that significantly contribute to the field of AI-driven personalized assistants. Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • The Role of Personalized Assistants in Enhancing Customer Experience

  • Personalized Assistants in Healthcare: Improving Patient Engagement and Outcomes

  • Ethical Considerations in AI-Driven Personalized Assistants

  • Personalized Assistants for Education: Customizing Learning Experiences

  • Exploring the Potential of Personalized Assistants in Financial Management

  • Personalized Assistants and Privacy: Balancing User Data and Security

  • Personalized Assistants in E-commerce: Revolutionizing the Shopping Experience

  • Natural Language Processing in Personalized Assistants: Challenges and Advancements

  • Personalized Assistants for Productivity and Task Management

  • User Acceptance and Adoption of Personalized Assistants: Factors and Implications

  • Designing Intelligent Interfaces for Personalized Assistants

  • Personalized Assistants for Personalized Medicine: Innovations and Opportunities

  • AI-Driven Personalized Assistants for Travel and Tourism: Enhancing the Journey

  • Personalized Assistants in Smart Home Automation: Creating Connected Living Spaces

  • The Future of Personalized Assistants: Trends and Predictions.

Prof. Carlos Cunha

Prof. Ivan Pires

Guest Editors


AI-driven Personalized Assistants; Artificial Intelligence; Tailored Support; Customized Assistance; Machine Learning; Natural Language Processing; Proactive Anticipation; Recommendations; Healthcare; Nutrition; Personalized Learning; Customer Service; Ethical Considerations; Privacy; Security; Intelligent Interfaces; Personalized Medicine; Smart Home Automation; Connected Living Apaces; Future Trends

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