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Journal of Autonomous Intelligence

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Journal of Autonomous Intelligence (eISSN: 2630-5046) is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal that publishes original research and review articles covering all aspects of autonomous intelligence with emphasis on artificial intelligence and robotic self-learning. The Journal seeks to disseminate findings in the domain of autonomous intelligence by featuring the latest advancements in the field and state-of-the-art theories, techniques and implementations. It is aimed at bringing the scientific discourse and discoveries to a wide international audience by being a platform for scientists, engineers, researchers and academicians to share, discuss and advocate new issues and developments in the diverse spheres of autonomous intelligence.

The scope of the Journal includes promoting the relation between power and information fluxes in systems with corresponding organization, which is the extraordinary and certainly long ranging adventure at the forefront of theoretical and applied engineering science toward system autonomy.

The Journal covers articles, reviews, opinions and lectures significantly contributing to the advance of understanding the phenomenon of autonomous intelligence.


Journal Abbreviation:J. Autonom. Intell.

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